In Germany, waffles is something you usually have in the afternoon with tea, coffee or hot chocolate. At Hotel im Schulhaus in Lorch you get waffles for breakfast. Well, actually you don’t get them – you have to bake them yourself.

Hotel Director Susanne Röntgen shares her grandmother waffle recipe with her guests. When she was a child her granny used to bake these waffles every Sunday. She would come to her house, smell the beautiful waffle scent and be engulfed in a wonderful safe and sweet feeling. Home. Family. Protected.

Susanne brings this wonderful feeling to her hotel – with waffles for breakfast. But also with modern make-up and unpretentious decorations in a gorgeously renovated old schoolhouse turned hotel. The staircase is still the original one where hundreds of children ran up and down. Susanne can tell you about each and every room, where the teachers met and the school director had his study.

Enjoy a relaxing stay at a comfortable hotel, situated in the midst of beautiful nature. The Rhine is only a minute away, boat excursions await you. If you prefer a more active stay, enjoy various hiking possibilities with unique nature experiences. Just contact the hotel directly and get your personal suggestions. Let the staff take care of you and look forward to a perfect arrangement. And once you’re there, don’t forget those waffles!

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