Welcome to Rheingau – my home, my love, my life. Wether you are here for a day, a week or to stay, have been living here for a while or your entire life: here’s the list of things you must have done or seen in Rheingau. The list was sorted and put together by friends, fans and myself. You are welcome to suggest additions.

#1 visit Kloster Eberbach (the monastary Eberbach)

#2 have a glas of wine at a Weinprobierstand (those cute little winestands in huts or even a barrel, many right by the Rhine)

#3 walk, hike or use the gondola to go up to the monument Niederwalddenkmal in Rüdesheim

#4 go by ferry or ship on the Rhine river – no matter where, just be sure to come back!

#5 visit one or all of the many beautiful churches or cloisters,  if possible including a wonderful concert

#6 have at least one wine-tasting at a vinery and be sure to meet the winemaker personally

#7 take a walk through a vineyard

#8 eat Spundekäs – it’s a special cream cheese variation

#9 visit the Rheingauer Schlemmerwoche – a week in April/May where almost all the winemakers open their doors an invite you to try their wines and eat delicious homemade foods

#10 visit the Sektfest in Eltville – a glorious festival with music, dancing and of course many tasty experiences

#11 step into the Wisper river with naked feet

#12 read a Karl-Comic book

So, how many things can you check? If you have further suggestions let me know – just post them here!


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